November 15th we will be holding an in-person gathering at the park following our conduct and guidelines. This will be in place of our online service.  If you won't be able to join us in-person we have a list of alternative online memorial service below for you to click to join.

Please download lyrics onto your mobile device or print them out ahead of time.


Within our community, we strive to develop the foundations of Bible knowledge and the independent study habits that enable a lifelong discipleship of God's truth and our ever evolving relationship with Him. Whether you are seeking to develop these learnings and habits yourself or for your family, we encourage you to visit and learn more.

We hold weekly gatherings for all ages to foster learning and develop relationships around the foundation of God's word for our families and to provide context and support for each uf us as we each seek to embody our higher calling into God's family. Along with our general weekly gatherings, from late September to early June we have a variety of Sunday classes to learn, build an understanding of God and His purpose for us, and build friendships that last a lifetime.

Sunday school Classes


Early learning and relationship building through Bible stories, activities crafts, and, songs.

A parent or designated helper are asked to remain in the class to assist.

1st - 2nd Grade

Diving deeper into Bible stories building familiarity as well as a foundational understanding of a youthful relationship with God. For example, how can we see God's will and His love throughout the Bible stories?

3rd - 5th Grade

Moving beyond the basics of Bible stories into lessons and activities into "walking in their shoes".

Discover God's message by hearing it through the lens of the people of the time so that we might better integrate the lessons into our lives.

6th - 8th Grade

These kids are smart and are building an awareness of who they are as people. Building from this, we will study a brief history of the Christadelphians and the Bible based principles that are common amongst our community.

High School

Finding ourselves, our lives, our choices, and their outcomes in the contrasting stories of Saul and David.

College & Young AdultS

Studies based on the life of Christ.  What can we learn from the lessons taught by Jesus and how to integrate them while developing a greater sense of indendepence in life.

General adult Studies

A variety of studies, topics, and discussions.

Foundational Studies

Studies in the foundational principles of the Bible and the message of the good news God gives to us.

Tentative Schedule & Location
In-Person @ Felicita Park
12:30 PM

All are welcome to bring your lunch to the park following online memorial service or eat an early lunch prior. If you are finishing up as classes begin, that is ok too.

1ST - 2ND
3RD - 5TH
6TH - 8TH

Before we see you in-person, please review Our Guidelines.

Zoom Online
12:30 PM


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